Custom Stucco Color Matching for Your Building in Chico, CA

You have your building, but you want a specific color. No problem! Custom stucco color matching on any stucco building you have is one of our great specialties.

Sometimes the color is faded. Don’t worry. The color that we match will be the faded color, and not the original. Then you won’t have two separate colors and it won’t look good. Our color experts take care of that.

Traditional Stucco finish can be more tricky to color match. That is because of their inconsistent color and that they absorb dust. Dust alters their color. To get a sample of that to color match, it is best to choose a portion of the wall that is higher up, so that ground dust has less chance to alter its color.

Acrylic finishes tend to be very easy to color match.

Color matching for stucco is a detailed process and there are a lot of stucco colors. Some people are interested in knowing more about stucco in general. You can here.

If you don’t know what kind of finish you have, call us at 530-900-0149 to schedule a stucco inspection.

stucco color matching and stucco texture