Stucco Inspection

stucco inspection in chico, ca

Why have a Stucco Inspection?

Stucco is a great decorative surface choice for many homeowners and businesses. Many stucco contractors improperly installed the plaster applications in the last two decades. Poorly done stucco can eventually cause leaks, mold, and structural damages. Those issues often go undetected since many of the damages are inside the wall. If they go undected too long, it is often too late to repair. Then you have to pay extra costs for stucco removal.

If it goes too long before a professional stucco inspection to detect such things, the surface may require being taken off or part of the building being torn down.

What is a stucco inspection?

A stucco inspection is a series of tests and analyses performed by your home. It’s purpose is to determine moisture levels. Your inspector will do a visual inspection and use special equipment for the tests.

The visiual inspection includes the following areas:

  • Weep Screeds
    • The metal at the bottom of your walls to allow moisture to flow out
  • Head Flashings
    • These work with the window protectants and other barriers to keep water out of buildings
  • Joints around the windows and doors
  • Kickout Flashings
    • Used to direct water in to gutters so it doesn’t leak in to your building

A Certified Home Inspector from Chico Stucco uses instruments to inspect behind the stucco/veneer stone or brick. Those include:

  • Drainage Planes
  • Window and Door Flashings
  • Moisture Barriers behind the stucco

A Thorough Inspection for your home or business in Chico area

You can feel secure knowing that your stucco house and building is well looked after. Our stucco inspectors know what they are doing. They provide timely action steps and consider all aspects of your project, including your budget.

There are a few stucco contractors in Chico and surrounding area. If you are after service, quality and accuracy, you will be satisfied with us. That we can promise.