Stucco Installation

Do you need conventional stucco? How about an outdoor stucco kitchen? Or if you need the Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS), Chico Stucco is here to install them for you. We also install rataining walls and do underpinning. Many people don’t realize a good stucco contractor will also do masonry and stone patios. They can do decorative interior stone veneers too. In Butte County, we have you covered. It is not only about the stucco installation. Our focus is about doing the full package right the first time.

Also, it important to get the lathing done well, or the entire wall will crumble. Lathing is the foundation for stucco. This is where some stucco installers cut corners. But because we are experts, we don’t. Sometimes applying corner beads and a strip of lathe to the foam band can be tedious. Those are important parts though. If a contractor skimps on that part, there will be a lot of stucco to remove down the road.

stucco lathe installation in Chico
Stucco lathe needs to be put on correctly, otherwise you have damaged stucco.

The Stucco Three Coat Process

Applying stucco is a well thought out science. Exterior walls are made up withthree important layers. Contractors for stucco need to do every part well or the system will soon break down. To make sure that the system on your building was done right, consider a stucco inspection!

There are three types of textures to a finish coat. You can choose from Sand, Trowel or Blown. The stucco experts at Chico Stucco can help you make the best decision for you.

three-coat process for stucco installation